Cocktails For The Trekkie Boozehound

April 21, 2009

star trek drinks 1.jpg

Let's face it, even Trekkies like to get all crunk on spacejuice and get into Vulcan Death Grip fights at the bar. Completely understandable. These are only two of ten Star Trek inspired cocktails, so be sure to hit the jump to see eight more. Then make one. However, I was a little sad to see there was no Red Shot (with significantly increased chance of death). Or Khaaaaanikazi. Or 3 Buttery Nipples.

Also, you show me a bar that actually keeps figs in stock and I'll show you a guy whoring himself out for drinks. Ha, or you can tell The Superficial Writer yourself, whatever.

Hit the jump for the rest. You'd howl too if your figs were frozen. Anybody?

star trek drinks 2.jpg

star trek drinks 3.jpg

Beam Me Up, Scotchie [poppedculture]

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