Blocky, Reaaaally Blocky: Tetris Furniture

April 15, 2009

tetris furniture 1.jpg

Tetris furniture: it just makes sense. Furniture is blocky, tetrads are blocky, BOOM-SHACKA-SHAKE'N'BAKE -- Tetris furniture. It's tetradical! Except -- why does that long block have five squares?

Artists Diego Silvério and Helder Filipov have created a beautiful furniture design that uses the Tetris bricks we have all known to both love and hate. The different bricks combined show many different options and ways for gamers to also have a great looking room and profess their utmost love for the original Tetris game.

ZOMG, I want all long pieces! No, wait, squares! And go ahead and throw in some of those L's. Fine, I'll take them all. But for free. Seriously, this is a gun. *PEW PEW* Haha, did I say gun? I meant laser blaster.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the possibilities.

tetris furniture 2.jpg

tetris furniture 3.jpg

Tetris Furniture Design [walyou]

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