Ashley, This Is Joseph, Will You Marry Me?

April 10, 2009

will you marry me.jpg

Ashley, Joseph wants you to marry him. And I trust Joseph's judgment since you're the one that introduced him to Geekologie in the first place. Plus, I'll vouch for him too since he did send me a news tip once and I used it. Obviously you both have great taste. In addition, you two make a very beautiful looking couple. And that's not just the awesome king's throne you're sitting on talking! But if it could, it would say "Geekologie Writer, sit thine rear upon my seat and dine on this most delicious turkey leg". And there would be mead, and I would drink it out of a jeweled goblet. *sniff* I told myself I wouldn't cry.

Ashely and Joseph met during a school musical in 2004 and have been going steady ever since. For their first date they went to see Passion of The Christ, which is arguably the world's greatest date movie. Joseph wailed like a baby.

So, as you two go forth and continue to nourish each other in mind, body and spirit, remember: a couple that Geekologie's together, is really sick has a strong foundation and great sense of humor.

In all seriousness though, I wish you two the best.

So, Ashley, will you marry Joseph?

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