'Alpine Legend' Coming To XBox 360

April 1, 2009

This is a commercial for the Xbox's latest 'Guitar Hero' style game, 'Alpine Legend'. Designed for two players, one yodels while the other plays a monster skin-horn (aka alphorn). Obviously, this is some April 1st trickery so feel free to send the video to your friends and then call them an idiot and revoke your friendship when they get excited about the game. Which may or may not have happened to me (read: it did). Damn you, Scott, you got me good, man! That's okay though, I slept with your girlfriend. APRIL FOO....haha, not this time buddy.

Hit the jump for a real Hong-Kong XBox commercial that's just wack.

Official Alpine Hero Page
Daily Motion

Thanks to TheGurr and ardas, who tricked me into thinking they were my friends. Yeah, well friends don't let friends take a girl home that they know is a dude.

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