$7 An Hour To Sit In A Gin And Tonic Mist

April 16, 2009

gin sweat.jpg

We've already featured a gin and tonic fog room before, but that was part of an art installation, and this is an actual London bar, where you can go get all tyrannosaurus-wrecked on gin-vapors, then fish & chip it up and puke on the Underground. Good times. Plus, the use of a protective suit is included in your $7/hour binge, so you won't leave smelling like juniper dingleberries. And $7/hour -- that ain't bad. I typically average $30/hour getting crunk -- and that doesn't even include tipping the strippers!*

*Because I don't!

London Bar Pumps Gin and Tonic Into The Air: Please Breathe Responsibly

Thanks to Julian, who, for two booze-related tips in one day, is obviously an alcoholic.

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