65,000 Piece LEGO Shuttle On Launch Pad

April 4, 2009

lego shuttle 1.jpg

It may look real, but that's actually a 65,000 piece LEGO shuttle complete with launch pad and naked alien sluts, minus the naked alien sluts. It took two guys over 1,590 hours to complete and even has flashing lights and sound effects to simulate a launch.

Part of the "Nasu Space Center," it appeared as a scene in Nasu Highland Park, an amusement park in Japan.

The duo who assembled it are said to be participating in an event to top the tallest LEGO tower ever built, an accolade which is currently held by LEGO enthusiasts in Vienna, who constructed a tower over 96 feet tall.

Awesome. And as a guy who has tried to build a functional rocket out of LEGO blocks himself, I've got to hand it to these guys: sex is mad overrated. Am I right, guys? High-fi.... actually, a nod will do.

Hit the jump for two more pictures and a horrible quality video of a launch in action.

lego shuttle 2.jpg

lego shuttle 3.jpg

Insane 65,000-brick LEGO space shuttle may as well be the real thing [dvice]

Thanks to Jess, who tried to stuff the thing with fireworks and blast off to outerspace but ended up in the hospital with 3rd degree burns.

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