Yaaaar!: Finally, A Ship Fit For Hungry Pirates

March 9, 2009

meat pirate 1.jpg

Want to build you own 17,000 calorie pirate ship? No problem, pick up these ingredients and then follow the picture tutorial after the jump.


~20 sausages
~48 rashers of bacon
1.2kg of sausage meat
1kg of pork mince
10 franks
1kg of pastry (not 100% meat this time)
1 onion
1 mushroom
2 packets of chipolata sausages
various food colorings

My god that looks delicious. I've always known I wanted to be a pirate, I just had no idea how badly I wanted to be a meatpirate. Yaaar, surrender yer sausage! Haha nothing, I'm being serious -- now drop trow ye scalawags!

Hit the jump for the making of the ship.

meat pirate 2.jpg

meat pirate 18.jpg

meat pirate 17.jpg

meat pirate 3.jpg

meat pirate 4.jpg

meat pirate 5.jpg

meat pirate 6.jpg

meat pirate 8.jpg

meat pirate 9.jpg

meat pirate 10.jpg

meat pirate 11.jpg

meat pirate 12.jpg

A meat ship made out of 20 sausages, 48 rashers of bacon and 1kg of pork [arthemia]

Thanks to MoD and Karl, who are both rocking more sausage than a meat ship ever could.

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