Wow: Minas Tirith Recreated In Matchsticks

March 31, 2009

matches 1.jpg

Minas Tirith, the City of Kings from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings trilogy is painstakingly being recreated using matchsticks by wood-loving Patrick Acton. The project started in March, 2007, and Patrick expects to be completed by late 2010. Good looking, Pat, say -- mind if I do a j? *whoosh* Oh, uh-oh.

Hit the jump for several more of the progress and a link to Patrick's work-in-progress page.

matches 2.jpg

matches 3.jpg

matches 4.jpg

Minas Tirith! [matchstickmarvels]

Thanks to Tod, who once made a matchstick model of giant matchstick and then used it to light the world's biggest spliff. *sniff* Bob would have been so proud.

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