Yeah, I Beat It: NES Test Cartridge On eBay

March 30, 2009

worst game ever.JPG

Want a NES Joystick Test Cartridge? Pfft, who doesn't! Well now you can, thanks to a $1,050 eBay auction. Best. Game. Ever!

This is a Joystick Test Cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System. These carts were given to game stores to test their Nintendo Entertainment Systems and were suppose to be returned to the company that provided the carts. These are very hard to find since they were never sold on the market. Any NES Collector could appreciate the value of such an item. There is wear on the label as can be seen in the picture.

Listen, just because something is "very hard to find", doesn't mean it's worth $1,050. Case in point: my penis. Little help over here!

eBay Auction
NES Joystick Test Cartridge lands on eBay, complete with lowest replay value ever [engadget]

Thanks to Tim, who made it to level 9 before he realized he was playing a Joystick Test Cartridge.

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