Woman Finds Old Nokia In Bag Of Chips

March 2, 2009

chip phone.jpg

Somebody's mother in Wisconsin found an old Nokia 6810 in a bag of freshly opened Clancy's Ripples. Wow, people actually still rock those old brick phones? Yes, people who work in potato chip factories do.

The phone, which didn't work, was slathered with "greasy potato-chip film" and looked like it once lived on a belt clip. "You kind of don't want chips for a while" after something like that, she said. Schweiger isn't sure what she'll do next but hopes the FDA can track down the owner of the phone.

She's glad she found the phone and not a child who might have put it in his or her mouth, she said. She's also glad the phone wasn't in a product she would have heated, she said. Schweiger doesn't know when she'll have an appetite for potato chips again, but when she does, she'll do things a little differently.

"I will never, ever eat chips out of a bag again," she said. "They will be dumped in the bowl."

Wow, could you be any less grateful? You opened a bag of chips, found a prize, and then complained about it. Congratulations, you just won the lottery! "I dunno, I'm starting to wish I'd picked different numbers...." Seriously though, are you gonna eat those?

This Bag Of Clancy's Ripple Potato Chips Needs More Nokia Phones [consumerist]

Thanks to ray and twellve, who each found a pager in a bag of steamed vegetables and were happy about it.

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