Warp Whistle: Mario In The Real World

March 27, 2009

We've already seen several different versions of what it would be like if Mario existed in the real world. And, well, I hope you liked them because here comes another. This one is entitled 'Warp Whistle' and documents the plump little plumber's visit to Chicago. It's only three minutes long, so even if you hate it, you only wasted three minutes. Which, be honest, you would have blown just acting like you were working anyways. And speaking of acting like you're working -- can one of you tell The Superficial Writer or Iwatchstuff to jiggle my mouse -- I was supposed to come in today but decided to get drunk and lay on the bathroom floor instead.

Warp Whistle [chunnel]

Thanks to Lindsay, who looks a lot better in a raccoon suit than Mario. Furplay, YOW YOW!

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