Wait, Where'd He Go?: Urban Camoflauge

March 5, 2009

urban camo 1.jpg

There's a robot war to be fought, and regular camo simply won't do. Enter Urban Camouflage, a new kind of outwear that keeps you safe and hidden from a robot's lifeless stare. Urban camouflage comes in three different styles: boxes, bags, and, um, file folders or something. Hit the jump to see them all. Then make your own and practice hiding. LOOK OUT -- ROBOT BEHIND YOU! Haha -- not really, but I wanted you to realize the importance of the situation. Now go change your pants and make some camo.

Hit it for the rest and a link to a much larger gallery.

urban camo 2.jpg

urban camo 3.jpg

urban camo 4.jpg

urban camo 5.jpg

urban camo 6.jpg

urban camo 7.jpg

urban camo 8.jpg

urban camo 9.jpg

Urban Camouflage

Thanks to e., who I may or may not be dating (hint: I am). Sorry ladies.

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