Tired Of Rubik's Cube? Try A Pentaminx

March 4, 2009


The Pentaminx is basically a Rubik's Cube on steroids. But not the oral ones -- I'm talking the kind you have to shoot into your buttcheeks.

While the original design was created by Andrew Cormier, the completed Petaminx puzzle you see above was cast and hand-assembled by Jason, who clearly has the patience of a saint. So what goes into a masterpiece like this? All-in-all there are 975 individual parts not including the 1,212 stickers that each had to be placed by hand, one at a time. Overall the Petaminx took about 75 hours to complete including the molding process, cleaning the parts, assembly and finish.

Whatever you do, don't tell this poor bastard -- he's pissed away enough of his life already. But me, pfft, I could solve that joint in like a minute. Check it -- *twist twist twist* *twist twist twist* *twist twist -- POW!* Haha -- you just got dodec'ed the hell out, son!

Hit the jump for a video of the first mix-up.

Petaminx Dodecahedral Puzzle Would Make Ernő Rubik Cry [ohgizmo]

Thanks to formerly SPELLINGNAZI, who has shifted his focus to grammer.

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