These Beats Are Sooo Fresh: The Ocarinas Of Rhyme, TWO Different Zelda Rap Albums

March 17, 2009

ocarinas of rhyme.jpg

That's right folks: not one but TWO different rap albums set to the beats of Zelda games dropping on the same day -- with the same name! What are the odds? Pretty good considering one of the guys (Sleaze) thinks his idea was stolen. Anyway, first there is Team Teamwork Presents The Ocarina of Time, which features the music of Hyrule and Zelda games set to raps by famous artists. But then there's Sleaze's (who may or may not be this guy) Ocarina of Rhyme with all original raps by himself. So, who will slay Gannon? Who will win Hyrule? And who will bang Zelda while the other plays with himself in the Lost Woods while that creepy kid with the mask watches? You decide.

Hit the jump for audio samples of each, and the links to download (for free).

NOTE: Songs NSFW due to language.

Team Teamwork - The Ocarina of Rhyme: Clipse - Virginia (Lost Woods)

Sleaze - Ocarina of Rhyme - Theme Song

Sleaze - Ocarina of Rhyme - A Link To The Past (I liked this one)

Get the downloads here:

The Ocarina of Rhyme [8tracks]
Sleaze - The Ocarina Of Rhyme Mixtape [ketchup-plz]

Thanks to Morphew, Cap'n Jonald, Julian and Mikey, who could all freestyle-battle Gannon's face off.

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