The Super Nintoaster Burnt My Cartridge :(

March 23, 2009

super nintoaster.jpg

The Super Nintoaster is a Super Nintendo in a toaster's body. It's similar to that time I dressed as a woman and solicited men at the bar (Friday), but nowhere near as good looking. It's maker, Mr. Vomitsaw, discusses:

Built from nothing more than a Super NES, a toaster, four different types of adhesives, magnets ripped from a broken hard drive, six orange LEDs, a bunch of resistors, plexiglass, and many many spare wires. Not too dissimilar from my previous toaster, only this time the temperature comtrol knob DOES serve a purpose! If for some reason you feel the need to adjust the brightness of the orange LEDs, now you can.

Good looking, Mr. Vomitsaw. Or should I call you Mr. Barfblade? Pukepruner? Heavecleaver?

Hit the jump for a video of the SNES toasty-ness.

Super Nintoaster -- It's for Breakfast Now! [kotaku]

Thanks to Julian, who once stuck a butter knife in a toaster and gained super powers. You should try it. No, really.

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