The Compact Disc Turned 30 Yesterday

March 9, 2009

30 years of cds.jpg

That's right, March 8th marked the "historic demonstration of the first CD prototype codenamed 'Pinkeltje' on March 8th, 1979." Well congratulations, compact disc, I almost forgot you were still here.

While many would argue that the CD is on its way out in favor of smaller, highly portable MP3 files, the disc has definitely left a lasting mark on the industry. To date, over 3.5 billion audio CD players have been sold alongside 240 billion discs.

Damn -- that's a lot of discs! That's almost a quarter of a trillion dollars. And a trillion dollars, my friends, is how much money I have in the bank. It barely fits! Just sayin', bling bling, money ain't a thing. I'm talking skating rink ice. Ladies?

Compact Disc turns 30, MP3 doesn't bother to send a gift [engadget]

Thanks to Julian, who still buys tapes because he's smart enough to understand that technology comes in cycles.

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