Sure, Why Not?: 'I Do' Wedding Bands

March 27, 2009

i do 1.jpg

'I Do' wedding bands were created by Sakurako Shimizu and are similar to waveform bracelets but much more matrimonial. They were cast in palladium and 18K gold and feature a waveform version of the words "I do". Of course, if you were smart you'd sneakily have an "I don't" cast. That way when you get busted doing something your wife doesn't approve of you can be like, "Look honey, it says 'I don't!'" It's kind of a get of jail free card, except nothing like that and your wife will kill you.

Hit the jump for another pic and a link to artist's website, which also features a pretty badass Atari chip ring.

i do 2.jpg

Sakurako Shimizu

Thanks to Rena, who I would totally propose to in a second if I weren't so afraid of re-commitment. Burn me once: shame on you (dirty hobag). Burn me twice: gimme that flamethrower, bitch!

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