Sure, Why Not?: Cassette Tape Art

March 23, 2009

tape art.jpg

'Ghost in the Machine' is a series of artwork by Flickr user iri5 that uses old cassette tapes (or film) to create the likenesses of famous musicians/actors. Pretty clever. Not as clever as jumping off the top of the apartment building with a parachute fashioned from a 13-gallon garbage bag, but hey -- not everybody's a modern Da Vinci. GERONIMO!

UPDATE: Oh God -- little help over here! I think my leg came off when I hit that bush. No, not that one -- the next bush down. Yeah, now more towards the back. Find it? No, that's my penis, keep looking.

Hit the link for the rest.

Flickr Gallery
Strange, Archaic Audio Storage Device Used to Create Impressive Musician Artwork [gizmodo]

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