Steampunk Frankenstein iPod Victrola Thing

March 16, 2009

eyepod 1.jpg

I have no idea what you're looking at either. But whatever it is, it's looking back. Apparently it's some sort of custom iPod Nano (1st gen) case and docking station. I SAID STOP STARING AT ME. That's it, where's my laser pointer?

The design is inspired by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The "eye-Pod" can be worn on the wrist via the leather cuff, or placed on it's custom Victrola base. Music can be heard either through the Victrola horn or though a portable personal hearing apparatus (in progress).

All functionality of the iPod remain intact an a hidden USB cord retracts from the base to either a wall charger or your computer. There are hidden pressure plates that when touched send a strobing "static charge" into the quartz crystals on either side of the magnified viewing portal.

Cool. Lose the eyeball and I would proudly display it my living room. Just kidding, I wouldn't touch that thing with your penis. It's just not my style. But you know what IS my style? This Members Only jacket. You smell that? It's called freshness, son. Whoa -- except for that, that was partially digested Kid Cuisine. Sorry.

Hit the jump for a couple more of that oldschool joint.

eyepod 2.jpg

eyepod 3.jpg

Steam Gear Lab has broken the chains of small electronics obsolescence. Behold! The Eye-Pod Victrola! [steamgearlab]

Thanks to Buddy Love, who, despite your persistence, refuses to be your Love Buddy.

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