Spock Sackboy Lives Long And Prospers

March 30, 2009


Somebody went and made a crochet Spock Sackboy (Spackboy) in celebration of the upcoming Star Trek movie. Also, I guess they like Little Big Planet. Which makes sense because of, you know, the, uh, transitive property? I don't know, I failed my college proofs class. And not just because I spent most of the period trying to take camera-phone pictures of the girl in front of me's thong. Haha, that would be ridiculous. But I do have several thousand.

Hit the jump to see a couple shots of Spackboy hanging out with a cat.



Spock Sackboy Crochet Doll in time for the New Star Trek Film [ps3maven]

Thanks to Roland, who wants a KHAAAAAAAN! Sackboy almost as badly as I do.

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