She Loves Me!: Gamer Girl Loves Geekologie

March 19, 2009

gamer girl loves geekologie.jpg

Well, maybe not me, but she does love Geekologie. Remember yesterday's gamer girl post? Well, she commented on it, you can read her comment HERE (#148). And also, she sent me an email, which read:

Hi, I saw the thread with me in it and find it hilarious. I love your site.

I would like you to post this pic, and you can quote me as saying "YAY! II finally graduated 4Chan!"

Geekologie loves you too, Reenaye. And congratulations on graduating 4chan! Moving on to Geekologie is a big step in every internet celebrity's life. Best wishes. And also: if you happened to send a couple pictures of yourself cosplaying as Zelda while riding on the back of an inflatable dinosaur with the Master Sword between your teeth, you know, that would be totally cool with me.

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