Remains Of Vampire Woman Found In Grave

March 10, 2009

vampire woman 1.jpg

What is being hailed by some as the world's first vampire remains have been discovered in a mass grave in Venice, Italy. The woman (who I suspect was a vampire-witch hybrid) was buried with a brick wedged in her mouth, which apparently has some link to being to vampiracy.

During the Middle Ages, many believed that the plague, or "Black Death," was caused by "vampires" chewing on their shrouds after death. According to Borrini, grave-diggers put bricks in the mouths of suspected vampires to stop them from spreading the disease this way.

Borrini, of the University of Florence in Italy, says that the partial corpse he exhumed offers the earliest "exorcism evidence against vampires" to have been forensically examined.

Interesting -- so vampires are buried with stuff in their mouths? Because one time my buddy Jimmy Jimmereeno and I found a naked dead man under a bridge with his own penis stuffed in his mouth. He didn't look like like a vampire though -- he looked like a mobster.

Hit the jump for another picture of how the skeleton was found.

vampire woman 2.jpg

'Vampire' Found in Mass Grave [aolnews]

Thanks to Pat and Sam, who are going to be buried with diamonds in their mouths because this is the ice age, son.

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