They're After Our Skinny Coke Whores!: Japanese Unveil Robotic Fashion Model

March 16, 2009

fashion robot.jpg

Developed by Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (JAJINAS), HRP-4C is a robot designed to walk, talk, and work a catwalk like the sexy little vixen harbinger of death that she is.

Standing at just over 5-feet tall and 95-pounds....the she-bot features 30 motors spread throughout its body with an additional eight motors in its face for expressing general boredom and disgust with the help. Its main purpose is entertainment and to attract crowds much like its fleshy counterparts -- so don't expect home cooked meals and laundry service should you take the $200,000 robot home.

As is evident from the photo, that guy is a demented pervert. IT'S A ROBOT, BRO -- HER ASS IS METAL. Some people, I swear. So anyway, like I was saying: I hid in a bathroom stall at the Museum of Natural History this weekend until it closed and then had my way in the Hall of Dinosaurs. Best weekend EVER.

Hit the jump for another picture and a video proving why this is the worst model ever.

fashion robot 2.jpg

HRP-4C Humanoid Robot Spells End for Catwalk Models [tfts]
Japan's HRP-4C 'fashion model robot' unveiled, already harassed [engadget]

Thanks to Julian, who once got kicked out of the mall for fondling a mannequin in the window of Victoria's Secret.

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