PEW PEW?: Man Holds Woman Hostage For Ten Hours With Original SEGA Light-Phaser

March 1, 2009

pew pew.jpg

That's right folks, a Brazilian man held a 60-year old woman hostage for ten whopping hours with a Sega Master System Light Phaser. Captain PEW was looking to collect on an unpaid debt, and things got 8-bitty when the lady refused to pay.

The Light Phaser, the light gun that shipped with the Sega Master System, must be fairly common in Brazil, considering how incredibly popular the 8-bit console was in the country--it was one of Sega's strongest markets.

Fortunately, the man released his hostage, unharmed, after negotiating with police.

Well thank goodness there was no shootout! Because one time a friend tried to PEW PEW me with a NES Zapper and I was given no choice but to jam it up his ass, cord and all. Suffice it to say, Duck Hunt = awkward.

Brazilian Man Holds Woman Hostage For 10 Hours... With A Sega Light Gun [kotaku]

Thanks to Deathbat and Bourtney, who once held an entire break room full of coworkers hostage with coffee maker.

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