Oooh, Yellow-y: Pittsburgh Steelers Case Mod

March 2, 2009

steelers case 1.jpg

Somebody went and made a Pittsburgh Steelers computer case modeled after the team's helmet. This is it. It glows yellow to make your room look like you've got a secret gold stash in there or the briefcase from Pulp Fiction. Sadly, I'm not allowed to watch sports anymore because my doctor says they make me lash out at the television. Which is true, I do. ISN'T THAT RIGHT, YOU STUPID GIT!? I SWEAR, IF I COULD FIND YOUR REMOTE I WOULD BEAT YOU WITH IT! HEY, TURN OFF THAT CLOSED CAPTIONING OR....THAT'S IT *bodyslam!* Haha, how'd that feel, you jerk? Great, you're leaking plasma on my new carpet.

Hit the jump to see the keyboard, which is awesome (take a look at the keys).

steelers case 2.jpg

a casemod straight from steeler nation [technabob]

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