Ooh La La: A Gallery Of X-Box 360 Mods

March 16, 2009

360 2.jpg

Personally, I like my XBox just the way it came: solid gold with diamond accents. But apparently some of you peasants like to glue plastic and shit to your XBoxes to make you feel special. Good for you. Hit the jump for a bunch more, including several Halo mods and a pretty sweet looking clock/tissue box combo. Now if you'll excuse me, I must call my servant to wipe my lips clean after breakfast. *ahem* Heeeeere kitty, kitty.

Hit it for a bunch more and the link to an even larger gallery.

360 9.jpg

360 3.jpg

360 4.jpg

360 5.jpg

360 51.jpg

360 52.jpg

360 6.jpg

360 7.jpg

360 8.jpg

360 1.jpg

21 Super Cool Xbox 360 Case Mods [aleptu]

Thanks to Andrew, who modded his PS3 to look like a Walkman. Andrew, that is so fresh.

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