New Mechanical Puzzles Available Soon

March 5, 2009

A new breed of mechanical puzzle is available for all of you who are tired of your Rubik's Cube, Ball or DodecaWTF. They're called MindStrat Puzzles, and they would drive me freaking crazy. Possibly to the point of punching a whole through the wall and catching the neighbor fapping away in his apartment.

A new type of mechanical puzzles has been invented (and patented) by Greek-Australian Pantazis Constantine Houlis. Unlike traditional twisty puzzles (like Rubik's cube), these are based on gravity. Pyramids are placed inside a sphere, and the sphere keeps the 3D-shape defined by the pyramids, intact. The goal is to shift around the pyramids until all the corners or the sides of the 3D-shape have the same color.

Some of the toys are available now, for $20-$25, and other models will be dropping in the next couple months. So get on it. And then get on this. I'm talking about me. Oh yeah, we're grinding. We're grinding out on the dance floor aren't we? Yeah, good stuff! Oh -- and you're leaving. Come back -- this boner is awkward. *DOOT DOO DOO*

Hit the jump for three more videos of other models, and another link to the product website, in case you missed it in the text.

Product Website

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