More Marie-Claude Bourbonnais Cosplay Action: Frost From Mortal Kombat

March 24, 2009

frost 1.jpg

I know, it's been too long since our last installment of Marie-Claude, and I'm sorry. If I could do a dance and make it rain hot cosplay everyday, believe me, I would. Unfortunately, I can't dance on these peglegs. Anyway, here is the latest from chesty Ms. Bourbonnais and photographer Gil P. As you can see, she's Frost from Mortal Kombat. And speaking of which, my huevos could use a little cool down. Some help over here, Frost? No? OH YOU ARE SO COLD!

Hit the jump for several more and another link to the whole set in case you couldn't find it in the text above.

frost 2.jpg

frost 3.jpg

frost 4.jpg

Gil P's Gallery

Thanks Gil, keep up the good work (read: hot cosplay photography).

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