Mmmm, Rorschach-y: Watchmen Desserts

March 7, 2009

watchmen 1.jpg

Loyal Geekologist Martin has a friend (Jack) who made a cake honoring The Comedian in anticipation of Watchmen, which dropped in theaters yesterday. Also, they made some delicious Rorschach brownies, which I featured after the jump and have been staring at for the past twenty minutes. Tell me, what do you see? If you answered "NOM NOMs" or "a vampire fondling a mermaid in a whirlpool", you are correct. Anything else and you're a crazy person or in love with your mother.

Hit it for the rest of the deliciousness.

watchmen 2.jpg

watchmen 3.JPG

watchmen 4.jpg

watchmen 5.JPG

Thanks Martin, now all I can see is bacon!

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