Lookin' Good: Disposable Tape Sunglasses

March 3, 2009

tapeglasses 1.jpg

Let's face it: we all sit on our expensive sunglasses. Perhaps not everyone for sexual gratification, but whatever, they still break. Enter disposable tape sunglasses by designers Azumi & David. They come on a roll like packing tape and are perforated for easy detachment. You just rip off a pair, slap them on your face, and PRESTO, everybody feels bad for you because it looks like you have a problem. I'm gonna get a roll and cut them in half to make eye-patches. How wicked would that be? If you answered 'Wicky to the power of Gnar-Gnar', you're close.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the shades.

tapeglasses 2.jpeg

tapeglasses 3.jpeg

Disposable Sunglasses [trendhunter]

Thanks to Warren, who doesn't wear sunglasses because they affect his x-ray vision.

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