Killzone Ads Pulled From Canadian Bus Stops

March 13, 2009

killzone 2 ads.jpg

Over 300 Toronto bus stops have had their Killzone 2 ads pulled due to the violent imagery present.

Teacher Davis Mirza emailed Sony Canada, which makes PlayStation games, after seeing an ad for Killzone 2 in the bus shelter near his Scarborough school.

"My kids, who come from a lot of different countries, who have to experience violence, who basically come here to seek shelter and safety, that's the stuff they don't need to see," said the Grade 4/5 teacher at Pauline Johnson Junior Public School, near Birchmount Rd. and Sheppard Ave. E.

The central image in the ad is a "menacing head with glowing eyes," wearing a mask with a breathing tube, Mirza said.

The secondary image shows what appears to be a war zone, "like Iraq," he said.

Hmm, I didn't read about any actual kids complaining. Live in reality, Mr. Mirza -- the apocalypse is coming. Would you rather have our children prepared, or cowering in a corner? And speaking of cowering in a corner: the end of Blair Witch Project -- scary.

Violent video game ads pulled from bus shelters [thstar]

Thanks to Ryan, who had to stop advertising his sexual services because his female customers were too satisfied.

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