It's On eeeeeeBay: Pac-Man Neon Light Set

March 6, 2009

pac man neon 1.jpg

Looking for a set of Pac-Man neon lights for your rumpus room? No? How about the game room? Well you're in luck, because eBay seller JNN2728 is selling them joints! There' a five-piece set available with all the characters you see here, or you can buy them individually. Current bidding for the set is at $151. Bidding on the individual characters is around $10-$30. No idea what they'll actually go for. But a word of warning if you do decide to bid: be careful where you put the Man of Pac, I've heard he likes to munch the carpet -- Ms. Pac-Man too. HIYO, lesbian! Love you women.

Hit the jump for a closeup and a link to the auctions.

pac man neon 2.jpg

5-Piece Set Auction
All seller's auction

neon pac-man lights: viva pac vegas [technabob]

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