I'm In Love: New Samus Cosplay Girl *Swoon*

March 12, 2009

samus 1.jpg

Sweet mother of Metroid, will you look at that. In competition for sexiest Samus Aran ever is deviantartist and cosplayer Yukilefay (26-year-old Thaís Jussim). What do you think? How does she compare to the current reigning Samus? I have to admit, I was hoping she'd have a Zero Suit too, like Jenni did. Regardless, great freaking job.

The beast of a bounty hunter suit is lit by 73 battery powered LEDs and set Jussim back $350 in material costs.

Jussim, who created the suit with the help of friends and family, says the suit weighs about 23 pounds and is surprisingly not very comfortable. Who would have guessed. Jussim also reveals that there's, uh... Zero Suit Samus cosplay in the works, by the way. It's her next project.

Oh snap -- I hadn't even read that when I was writing the opener. Hot damn! I will have to reserve final judgment then until after I see the Zero Suit. But for right now, at least according to the bone-ometer, Jenni's still up by a head length.

Hit the jump for several more, including Samus at a rock concert, as well as a link to the full gallery.

samus 2.jpg

samus 23.jpg

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samus 5.jpg

Thaís's Deviantart
New Samus Cosplay International Champion Crowned [kotaku]

Thanks to Julian, who is more than happy to lend his services if you need help trying on the Zero Suit.

  • Stuart Burns

    Don't worry, Andy. You'll be well rewarded in the near proto-future where rampant, unrestrained, neo-feminism has turned everything even remotely sexual into a taboo. No further pandering is necessary to secure your place as one of the few men who will be kept around as eunuch pets for the sake of preserving the gender as a novelty. While you're at it maybe you can move to Stockholm to indulge in a cuckold fetish. Remember, if you're not haunted every single day with the crushing realization that you were born with filthy male primary sexual characteristics then the seven trillion Jews that died in the holocaust did so for nothing.

  • All while reading I was thinking, "why is this guy going on about how 'hot' this suit is?", then I see Jennifer Lee beat me to it. It's a really cool costume, focus on that.

  • uberwekkness

    Saw a link to this at the bottom of the Daedric Armor cosplay. Why does this article's focus have to be on how hot she is, and not how badass, and well done her costume is? Samus isn't even an inherently sexy costume. She was believed to be a dude until the end of the first game. In fact, many applauded the series for NOT making her "sexy". Really disappointed with this,

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