I'll Never Work Again!: Giant Tetris Online

March 19, 2009

tetris 1.jpg

Looking for a great way to piss away your work day? How about starting a giant game of Tetris? Even after a full eight hours of gameplay you'll probably be nowhere! The screencap here is of me playing for five minutes, and then letting it drop shapes on its own for another 2 hours and 42 minutes (larger version HERE). You can leave your desk, go take a nap in your car, and have barely missed a thing. WHEE! I double-dog-dare somebody to fill the whole thing except for a line on one of the sides. You would be my hero! And also, a loser. Mostly a loser. DO IT!

UPDATE: Added a screen cap of some art Geekologie Reader Colunista created with the game, after the jump.

tetris 3.jpg

Bigger version HERE.

Giant Tetris Game

Thanks to Kevin, who has single-handedly destroyed my productivity for the day.

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