I Believe I Can Fly: Terrafugia Takes 1st Flight

March 22, 2009


Remember the Terrafugia "roadable aircraft" (drivable plane)? Well it took its first test flight earlier this month, and as is evident from this video after the jump, it was boring as shit. The Terrafugly has a 450-mile flying range, converts from plane to plane that can drive in 30-seconds, and is still scheduled for sale in 2011 for about $200K. Which means your kids can probably expect a wealthy neighbor crash-landed in the backyard sometime soon. ZOMG, his eyeball is hanging out of the socket. Quick -- poke it back in with a stick!

Hit the jump for the video and a bunch more pictures (one of which gave me a little twitter down there).





Official Website

Thanks to Joe, Hunter, Chris, Mitch and Andrew, who don't need flying cars because they all own rocketships. PSSSSHOOOOOOW bitches, PSSSSHOOOOOOW.

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