Hot: Female Reader Wielding Master Sword

March 22, 2009

master sword boner material.jpg

Responding to my request that the gamer chick pose atop a dinosaur with Link's Master Sword, Geekologie Reader Pepper sent me a picture of herself wielding said sword. Unfortunately, there's no dinosaur (just two ponies humping and a questionable computer background).

Though this message contains less than 1% real dinosaur, cosplaying, action, it does contain a gamer girl with a Master Sword. ME! Win? plz? *meep*

Much love to Geekologie, I visit your site several times a day, and is (sadly) typically the highlight of any given day, unless there is a new episode of Mythbusters on, or if my Charizard levels up. Level 78 bitches!

Hey, I'll take it. Also, I really think this is a step in the right direction for Geekologie. Namely, boob north. Ladies?

Thanks Pepper, now if you could just find a horse that looks like Epona....

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