Hopside Down: It IS Worth Crying Over Spilled Beer -- And I'm Man Enough To Admit It

March 11, 2009

hopside down.jpg

Hopside Down is a beer glass by Fred & Friends that looks like an inverted bottle. It hurts my brain just to look at and I couldn't imagine myself successfully drinking out of it without pouring beer in my shoes. Still, maybe there are a few of you out there that are more skilled in the ways of drinking than yours truly. Ha, that was the biggest lie I've ever told -- nobody beats the GW at the game of life called drinking. Isn't that right, F. Scott?

The Ghost of F. Scott Fitzgerald
: It's true -- I have a hangover as Big as the Ritz. I....feel Curiouser Than The Case of Benjamin Button This Side of Paradise. You sir, are indeed the Last Tycoon (BOOM -- literary headshots!). Hey, stay away from my wife!

Me: Shut up, Francis. Hey Zelda -- wanna touch my Master Sword?

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Thanks to Matt, who only drinks out of his boot because he's a real cowboy. Now let's raise and rope broncos!

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