Head Phones Inspired By Favorite Songs

March 26, 2009

headphones 1.jpg

Nokia recently held a promotion encouraging designers to make a pair of headphones inspired by their favorite song. The set above is entitled 'I'm Flying' and was (no joke) created in honor of R Kelly's "I Believe I can Fly", which I am now declaring a euphemism for peeing on someone. Per the Geekologie Writer's dictionary:

I believe I can fly

Slang terminology for peeing on your partner for sexual gratification.

Honey, quick -- to the bathtub, I believe I can fly!!

Hit the jump for a set of 'Thriller' inspired headspeakers.

headphones 2.jpg

Nokia Almighty Headsets [psfk]

Thanks to Eazie, who notes, "these are cumbersome and silly but i cant help but want the shit out of em". So true, Eazie.

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