Mar 15 2009Guy Loses Finger, Replaces With Flash Drive

finger drive.jpg

Jerry Jalava is a hacker who lost half his left ring finger in a motorcycle accident and decided to replace the digit with a USB drive. So now he sports a rubber half-finger with thumb(!)drive inside. Awesome. Plus, if he ever has to wear a wedding ring it won't count because it's not a real finger. Am I right? Because that's why I cut mine off. Just kidding, I was really high and trying to make a bong in shop class.

Hit the jump for three more shots of the digital digitry.

finger drive 2.jpg

finger drive 3.jpg

finger drive 4.jpg

USB finger, more details

Thanks to Pau, who makes sure to wash his hands before touching his junk so he doesn't get any crazy viruses from the door to the men's room.

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Reader Comments

I would put a dildo in my hand for the ladies...sure they would appreciate it


nooooooooooo!!!! what ever,
so tis guy's a hacker...?

ur not first....grow up

I love it when people say first and they FAIL hahahaha

why does it bother you guys so much when someone says first

Wow this guy looks like some creepy pedophile. Thats not even including the finger. Kinda a mix between the Joker and Clyde from army of two.

It looks so natural!!!!!!!

Yeah he looks like a druggie. Might need some sleep.

Anyone know how much memory his fingerdrive has?


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max substituted Canada mints for Rush Limbaughs oxy contin. He became Canada's RUSH, and started to play some really cool music at arena's all over the world. When he got huingry, he ate Geddy Lee, thinking he was a french Fry.

He could either be Edward Scissorands' cousin or Severus Snape's lost brother.

Ugh, he could have put some bleedin' effort in, that's a totally shabby job :(

The guy looks like a paedophile.

I Love You Daisy!!!

@6 it's a game and also it makes others that are second but say first douche bags. haha.

Hackers dont use macs

That's just weird !!!

think how quick technolgy changes. he'll show his age when in 5 years, he'll have all they ladies marvel at his 5GB flash drive, when then the norm will be like a 100 GB flash drive.

ha noob! i lost my penis in a motorcicle accident too NOW I GOT A PENIS USB HA-HA!

The modern variant of the little boy sticks his finger into a dike tale.

Finger Flash..I guess it all depends on where it sticks it figure out which virus he's caught...

19- thats a sad story...*sniff* the poor penis, lol

anyway, where do i sign up for one? i want an ipod instead of a whole hand... can i negotiate for that? make it a touch... not, maybe the penis thing would be good, i could tell the ladies my penis is interactively touchable... this is scary

Ladies and Gentleman , I give you a true geek


If it's detachable, as the last picture indicates, it's probably not a big deal to swap out the actual drive.

I think it really does look fake. DX

A hacker? With a Mac? .. MMWWHAHAAHAHAAAAA OOohh man

Is it just me, or does it seem like the majority of the weekend posters are fcuking retards? This time zone thing sucks, I'm at work already and most of the people here are still sleeping off a hangover...

hmmm. look at pic1. that's his right hand.

Wow, I got a flashback from an article I read on a computer magazine once, and it talked of flash drives in one's fingers. I never thought I'd see it in real life.

man, thats weird...
for those questioning the hacker with mac thingy... mac = unix... like REAL hackers, not those hackers that download little programs that do everything for them and then call themselves hackers :|

He'll be the first person in the world to give herpes to a laptop. Somehow.

Uh his "finger" looks like utter crap...

well a laptop always was and surely always will be the only thing hes ever gonna be able to stick his finger into anyway...

this is obviously fake. The fake finger switched from left to right hand. he is just putting it over his noraml fingers. GW got swindeled

It would be funnier if it was his thumb

Yep, #34 is right... the hand switches from the first to second picture.. he's just putting it over his real finger.. lol

this is kinda cool. @ 2 is technically first because if you look at the timestamp he posted at the exact minute and second as 1.

@15 It's not a game actually, it's an immaturity dorks like yourself have to relieve themselves every time the opportunity presents itself.

This kid with the fake flash drive finger looks like emo's older brother, hasn't let go of non conformity yet cause he's still too dark for society.

@37 god just die Watch... All the way down here @37 & you're interested in some firstard comment...... jeezus get a fukk'n life you're almost as bad as that fecophiliac softlicious

i hope he wipes with his right

Since he probably doesn't work for the CIA: Epic FAIL.
would've made stealing state secrets easy....probably has LOL CATS in the finger....or porn...yeah most likely porn. Borg wanna-be from Star Trek....

Worst super-villian ever



Guy loses finger, replaces it with USB drive and a piece of gum!

Wasn't he the bad guy in Charlie's Angels?

Number 19:

You should've used a PEZ dispenser instead

um hate to be noticing shit, but it def does not swtich hands. its the same hand hes just holding it differently.

Who cares?

I bet he likes to stick it in.

lol @ Elboroto

@10 - WTF are you on about?

It does appear to change hands, but that's probably cos of his stupid Mac picture-reversing webcam malarkey. I think it's reasonable to assume that among the billions of people in the world, at least one of them will be stupid enough to both lose a finger and replace it with a shoddy-looking USB drive.

jhonny mnemonic!!

horay for cyborgs

I actually thought this was a photoshop job until I saw the closeup. I was totally going to say it was fake. Of course, noone would have believed because of those people who always comment about how things are totally fake photoshop jobs.

Thanks, fake photoshop job commenter guy- you've ruined pointing out fakes for everyone. You've RUINED IT!

next thing you know, they'll invent clocks small enough that people will be able to strap them to their arms.

Try washing your hair next time and you'll look cooler, 9 fingers!

Pim zou het zo gewild hebben..


It's just so realistic. wow.

That guy looks like he touches children. In a bad way.

haha wouldnt it be funny if he left his finger in the usb slot of a computer in some random public place

Can I has him for my birthday? I like creepy ones...

Now I have seen it all :/

that is a bounch of shit if u ask me

I'm curious how much storage his finger gets.

You can tell that he is useing the same hand so he is not switching hands its always the right hand so if thats how you thought it was fake look again.


What?!?! I was gonna be last. And you had to go and take it. Wait a minute...

LAST !!!!!!!!!1!!!! again

Hey idiots, does anybody read the message? IT IS A USB STICK, not some kind a gadgy thing where he can take over the planet... IDIOTS!

#^%& you Thing!

... last.... (to be continued)

@18, PHAIL usb flash drives will never come out in 5 gb or 100 gb models, its impossible with the architecture of a flash drive


Oh you can all suck my c0ck! Also last

@73 Oh look an 8gb flash drive

So, bottledspearkercup thinks he is first and then ends up second. What a prick.

This is wrong, it says his left hand but its actually his right - sort it out!

He can stick that in me any day.


Haha this is crazy!!!
I want one of those!

@81 You bag of dick!

@21 - well, i thought it was clever.

@ 47. naw you must be retarded. look at that pic again. its a switch of hands

It's not fake you tards. It's clear.


Anyone know why this douche gets to be over on the right in teh "So Freaking Cool" stuff? "Cuz this is So Freaking NOT.


I SAID LAST DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!

it could be totally fake

I didn't know mac users can hack.

Also, that doesn't look like a finger.

LAST!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!! W00T!!!!!!1!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!1!!!


Ooh and try to keep you shift PRESSED this time..

The Chort needs to be banned from the internet
Get a life you tool

Last. At last!!!! (pun intended)

Left ring finger gone? Forget USB drives, I'd go for a working version of Altair's Hidden Blade.

Oh my God it is un believeable that fingure is for the ring.And supposing some one steals that flash,it means you will lose the fingure and the flash disk as well or you files too will diappear.I think it would be better for you to backup your fingure flash online with safecopy onlinebackup.The are secure and you will access your files anywhere.

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