Guy Loses Finger, Replaces With Flash Drive

March 15, 2009

finger drive.jpg

Jerry Jalava is a hacker who lost half his left ring finger in a motorcycle accident and decided to replace the digit with a USB drive. So now he sports a rubber half-finger with thumb(!)drive inside. Awesome. Plus, if he ever has to wear a wedding ring it won't count because it's not a real finger. Am I right? Because that's why I cut mine off. Just kidding, I was really high and trying to make a bong in shop class.

Hit the jump for three more shots of the digital digitry.

finger drive 2.jpg

finger drive 3.jpg

finger drive 4.jpg

USB finger, more details

Thanks to Pau, who makes sure to wash his hands before touching his junk so he doesn't get any crazy viruses from the door to the men's room.

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