Game Over Man, Game Over!: An Aliens PS3

March 4, 2009


Tattoo artist and casemoder 'givintats' went and made himself an Aliens inspired PS3 case. It was created "using hand-sculpted layers of epoxy putty, that looks like a hard metal when dried, often used to mend dented car fenders." Nice. And is there anything more awesome than an Aliens PS3? Yes, an Aliens PS3 that can play XBox games. Did your head just explode by my suggestion of awesomeness? It's true, I have the power of suggestive thought. Don't believe me? You should take your shirt off right now. Wait -- damnit, hold on. You should put your shirt back on. Now, ladies only -- you should take your shirt off right now. Awh yeah! Hypnotics, baby -- I have them. Now touch your nipple.

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Alien PS3 casemod by GivinTats is creepy? [coolbuzz]

Thanks to Delphine, who made an Aliens Vs. Predator casemod but the characters came to life and started fighting in the living room so she sprayed them with a fire extinguisher but that didn't do shit so she asked them nicely to take their battle outside and then stomped them both when they had their backs turned.

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