Eye Candy: The Best Of Google Street View

March 6, 2009

google 1.jpg

This is a gallery of some of the best of Google Street Views. Most of the pictures are unexplainable, so feel free to make up your own story as to what's happening. Here, I'll get you started.


Hit the jump for 14 more of the craziness.

google 2.jpg

google 3.jpg

google 4.jpg

google 5.jpg

google 6.jpg

google 7.jpg

google 8.jpg

google 9.jpg

google 10.jpg

google 11.jpg

google 12.jpg

google 13.jpg

google 14.jpg

google 15.jpg

Caught on Camera -- The Best of Google Street View [asylum]

Thanks to BALLZ, who was once caught on Google Street View making a handjob sandwich in the back of an El Camino.

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