Epic 30,500 Piece LEGO Star Wars Ship

March 23, 2009

star wars lego 1.jpg

I know, it looks like the toy you found in your girlfriend's sock drawer, but trust me, it's not. This thing is like half that size. Thomas Benedikt went and made Admiral Ackbar's command ship Home One (not to be confused with going all the way with a lady) out of 30,500 LEGO pieces. It took 11 months to build, lays just short of 7-feet long, and cost $5,500 to complete. It even has LED lighting effects throughout (hit the jump for a picture). Good looking, Thomas. Next time I need a scale model of a Star Wars ship made I know who to go to. Or do I? Maybe I'll take my business to THIS guy. Now, I want you two to fight.

Hit the jump for a bunch more and a link to an even larger gallery.

star wars lego 2.jpg

star wars lego 3.jpg

star wars lego 4.jpg

star wars lego 5.jpg

Home One - Mon Calamari Star Cruiser
7 foot long Lego Star Wars cruiser is epic in its awesomeness [dvice]

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