Beer2D2: The Most Delicious Robot Yet

March 19, 2009


Beer2D2 is the illegitimate child of BaR2D2 and a cocktail waitress (or this amp) and makes beer-fetching robots obsolete because he IS the beer. What's your new alcohol-toting buddy made of?

Beer2's technical specs:

Head - 1945 chrome BLC utility light shell.
Eye - vintage movie camera lens w/adjustable spring-loaded aluminum casing.
Body - 4.7 liter "adult soda" mini-keg.
Legs - propane tank valve handles, brass spacers, drilled-out washers, pair of aluminum Lady Josephine shoe butler (wall-mounted shoe shine holders).
Feet/base - 3 mini bread loaf pans, lamp hardware and a 1/2″ precision drilled aluminum base plate.
+assorted nuts, bolts, screws and, of course - lockwashers!

Daddy, I want a Beer2D2 and I want it noooooooow! GLUG GLUG GLUG. Oh yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about -- robot brains. Hey, no biting! ZA-ZA-ZA-ZING!

Beer2-D2 [make]

Thanks to jj, who noted that this droid is indeed, "Rad to the power of Sith". And Alan, who accidentally left the tap open and drained R2 of all his deliciousness. Damn you!

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