Beatles 'Rock Band' Coming This Fall

March 6, 2009

beatles rock band.jpg

Want to play Beatles songs on Rock Band? Well get excited about September then, because "The Beatles: Rock Band" is coming.

Apple Corps, the band's music label, has strayed from its historical aversion to digital distribution of music by working with Harmonix and MTV Games to release the new title, which creators call "an unprecedented, experimental progression through and celebration of the music and artistry of The Beatles."

Apple Corps and Viacom Inc.'s MTV Networks announced the new game on Thursday, saying it would be priced at $59.99. For an additional $99.99, fans can purchase instruments similar to those used by the Beatles.

WHOOOOOWEEEE! I can finally go to bed at night knowing Beatles music is coming Rock Band. And also, that ghosts are real. WHOA -- DID YOU HEAR THAT? Sounded like chains being dragged across the floor. *grabbing flashlight* I'm going to investigate....

Haha, forgot to unchain the kids from the dishwasher after dinner. I swear, those rascals.

Beatles 'Rock Band' Coming In September [redorbit]

Thanks to MIKE, who used to get high with the Beatles before his company started randomly piss testing.

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