Awwwwh, How Cute: ATilla The Pet AT-AT

March 10, 2009

pet atat 2.jpg

This is a little photo gallery of flickr user NickIsConfused's new pet, ATilla the AT-AT. As you can see, it's adjusting to it's new home quite nicely. Awwwwwh. You know, this really makes me want to bring home a little bundle of joy. Yeah, a brown paper one from the liquor store. It's a boy! Aaaand another boy! ZOMG, Jack and Jim -- twins!

Hit the jump for several more and another link to the flickr gallery.

pet atat 1.jpg

pet atat 6.jpg

pet atat 3.jpg

pet atat 4.jpg

pet atat 5.jpg

Flickr Gallery
Cute! Pet AT-AT [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Jack, who had a pet AT-ST but it ran away because Jack stopped buying it the food it liked.

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