A Different Kind Of Circular Ice: Pi Ice

March 2, 2009

pi ice.jpg

Remember those $8 ice balls? Yeah, i bought a bag too. What can I say, I was drunk and my credit card was on the desk. Anyway, pi ice. They're ice cubes in the shape of the pi symbol. The reusable tray is available from ThinkGeek for 9 bones. I bought one, and I even went so far as to make my own drink using the ice. It's called 'Pi in the Skyy'. Recipe: add one bottle Skyy vodka to a pitcher. Add icecube tray full of Pi ice. Stir vigorously, drink. Feeling it? Good. Feeling boobs? Even better. Feeling yourself? You made it wrong.

Hit the jump for a real Pi-Tini recipe from ThinkGeek.

pi ice cocktail.jpg

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Thanks to Boing, who wrote to inform me he was outraged to find pi in his bourbon.

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