$$$: Complete Vintage Star Wars Toy Sets

March 26, 2009

star wars toy set.jpg

That's a long picture, isn't it? Almost as long as an elephant's trunk, but not quite. You know, I heard if you took this picture, copied 5,000 of them, and then laid them end to end it would circle Uranus. Haha, how do you fit that thing on the john? I kid. But not really.

Anyway, if you want a complete Star Wars figure set (loose) from the original three movies (+ Power of the Force), now you can. Brian's Toys is selling two different sets, one with an AFA grading of 80 ($4,000) and one with 85 ($5,000). You can also get the sets minus Power of the Force for $2,700 and $3,500, respectively. Or, if you offer me enough I'll sell you the set I foolishly gave to my little cousin. "I said I want the toys back! Listen kid, just gimme the figures and I won't tell you you were adopted". *child crying, Geekologie Writer collecting toys* Worked like a charm! Also, I think I screwed him up pretty bad. Do I hear $30?

Product Site
Complete Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Collection [uncrate]

Thanks to Chuey "The Rock 'n' Roll" Midget, for being small enough to fit in an overhead compartment when we're on tour.

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