Talented Geekologie Reader Makes Mario 1-Up Mushroom From Tequila Bottle Cork

February 20, 2009

tequila shroom.jpg

It never ceases to amaze me the talent you Geekologie Readers possess. In this particular case, reader Bexx B. made a 1-Up mushroom out of the cork from a bottle of tequila she chugged. *swoon*

So, because I am a drunkard. After finishing off my bottle of Trader joes Tequila - I looked @ the cork.. and thought WELL gotdamn! it looks like a mushroom.

So I made this from it. A 1-up Mushroom! HA!

Wow, creative AND an alcoholic. Really reminds me of somebody I know -- The Superficial Writer! Half burn?

Thanks Bexx, now eat it and tell us what happens.

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