Zzzz: A Ring Pillow For When You're Tired

February 22, 2009


Let's be honest with ourselves: sleeping is awesome, especially in class or at work. But face down on the keyboard isn't exactly the most comfortable position (4th, behind 'in the handicapped stall'). Well enter Pilo-Pilo, a $25-$35 pillow ring made for falling asleep on and NOT punching people in the face with.

Pilo-Pilo is a finger ring with a mini cushion attached to it. People have the tendency of resting their cheek on their fist when they are thinking, daydreaming... falling asleep; a fashionable yet portable cushion might just provide the companionship that you've long sought in those tedious boring hours in school, at work... or when you got stood up in a date.

Oh man, I remember the FIRST! time I was stood up on a date. Her name was Maggie, and I killed her whole family afterward. What can I say, I'm a psychopathic killer hopeless romantic.

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Thanks to MLou, who drooled all over her pillow ring while asleep in class one day. RAWR! I love a woman that drools.

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